Thursday, 14 April 2016

Why do some Teens use Drugs?

Yes, teens are known to experiment with a variety of drugs, from alcohol to prescription pills, but the real question is – Why do they do it?

There are a number of reasons why teens take drugs...

To fit in. Many teens decide to use drugs because they think that is what all the cool kids are doing; they feel it is necessary for them to do in order to fit in.

To feel good. Some drugs affect the brain in a way that produces feelings of euphoria or pleasure. The intensity of these good feelings differs depending on what drugs are being abused.

To feel better. A lot of teens suffer from depression, anxiety or high levels of stress, teens use drugs to escape these feelings.

To do better. In today’s society there is so much pressure on teens to do well academically and athletically, but the truth is for a lot of us that’s just not possible. Teens may turn to drugs, like illegal stimulants to boost their performances.

To experiment. Teens are usually curious to look for new experiences (like drugs) that they may find exciting, risky or daring.

There is no single reason why teens use drugs, but it is up to us to talk to and help the younger generation – NICRO is committed to turning lives around, contact NICRO today for a variety of programmes, including the Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention Treatment.

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