Friday, 10 June 2016

There are always two sides to bullying

There are always two sides to a story, just like there are always two sides to bullying. The victim being bullied and the bully. No matter who is involved, there are deeper reasons why the bully has decided to be a bully, this then effects the victim and results in them feeling physically and emotionally hurt.

This is a serious issue these days, especially in schools. Bullying can lead to violence and crime in later years.

The Bully

Bullies aren't always in the same situation, an unpleasant and poor home environment can't always be to blame. There are other things that can make someone turn into a bully, some of the time these are never recognized.

When parents find out their child is a bully, some of them will try to take control of the situation. If the problem is that the child cannot control their anger, then the parent can take action and help.

On the other hand, some bullies are the way they are because they do in fact have an unpleasant home environment and telling the parent will do nothing to improve the situation. When this happens, the school must take charge and arrange a way to consult and help the child.

The Bullied

When a child is bullied they feel hurt and alone, being bullied can also lead to some other problems down the line (depression, anxiety, stress). This may come as a shock, but it is the students who are bullied and pushed to a breaking point that use violence in order to make the bullying stop.

It would be beneficial for the child if their parents showed them how to stand up to the bully in a calm and aggressive way. No, this does not mean encouraging your child to be violent with the bully, but to simply let them know that the way they are acting is not right. If it does continue then it is time to ask for help.

Teachers should observe each student’s behaviour. Teachers are usually receptive to a student undergoing issues, so it is ideal to check with the student regarding anything that may be going on if it is noticed that he or she is depressed or there are changes in their grades.

In the end, the best thing to do is contact a non-profit organization like NICRO, who can help to ensure that bullying is curbed before it leads to violence in schools.

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