Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Link between Drugs and Crime

There has always been a link between crime and substance abuse. The crimes can be anything from drunk driving, assault, prostitution and robberies to domestic violence and even rape. The list can go on and on...

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However, sometimes the link between substance abuse and criminal activities can be a difficult one to understand. Is it drugs and alcohol that leads to crime or is it crime that leads to drug and alcohol abuse? Is it possible for someone who is not on drugs to decide to assault someone? Will someone who is not abusing alcohol engage in domestic violence?

Statistics show us that most people who use drugs and alcohol do not become addicts, they usually grow out of this phase and move on with their lives. But, there are cases where individuals who use too much will commit crimes, and it is true that these two factors are linked.

So, why is there such a strong connection between serious drug and alcohol use and criminal activities? It might be because the user has a decreased perception of social support and decreased social network. Other things that influence someone to turn to substance abuse and crime are poor living conditions, mental health, family and unemployment.

Alcohol and Crime

Alcohol is illegal to consume if you are the right age, but it causes so many violent crimes! A recent study showed that 1 in 5 people arrested by the police will test positive for alcohol. Alcohol is a factor in:

-- 60% of homicides
-- 75 % of stabbings
-- 70 % of beatings
-- 50 % of fights and domestic assaults

Image resultDrugs and Crime

Taking illegal drugs is a crime in almost all of the countries around the world, and it is almost always related to criminal activities.

However, a research shows that most drug users do not usually go on to commit crimes such as assault or robbery. Basically, this is saying that drug use is not necessarily linked to crime, even with people who have developed a serious addiction.

But, there is some link between those who do commit crimes and drug use. Assault, rape and violent acts are often linked to someone who is a heavy drug user, a lot of robberies are committed to support drug use!

There is a bit of fuzziness around why some substance abusers commit crimes and others don't. Factors like poverty, personality disorders and having been in prison previously are just some of the factors.

Drug Use and Prostitution
Image resultNaturally, drug use is linked to prostitution, especially street prostitutes. Estimates reveal that between 40 and 85 per cent of all prostitutes are drug users. Many prostitutes, men and women, are selling sex to support their drug habits. Prostitutes are often the victims of violent crimes, rapes, assaults and other serious crimes; but, because of their lifestyle and the work they do, they are unreported crimes. 

There’s no question that the relationship between drug use and crime is a causative one; drug abuse and criminal behaviour go hand-in-hand. 

NICRO is committed to turning lives around. If you fear that a loved one is involved in drugs or crime, do not hesitate to contact NICRO today! 

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