Friday, 27 May 2016

Are you willing to report a family member?

It takes a lot of guts and pure bravery to report someone abusive to the police, but it takes even more to report an abusive family member! We know for a fact that most of the abusers are members of the family, and studies show that barely any instances are reported to the police. So, why aren't more people coming forward and reporting abuse?

It could be that people don't want to "tell on", "rat out" or get their family members into trouble, even though abuse is taking place. There is a lot of shame in a member of your family abusing you, there is also a lot of fear of what they will do.

Most people would rather keep quite and suffer in silence than report abuse to the law. Even if a family member is reported, later on in the situation the victims may even refuse to speak up or testify against them. This means that charges may not stick, the abuser will probably be released and begin abusing the victim again.

It is as much a problem of our emotions and fears as it is of the wrongdoing itself. We somehow justify the actions, we look the other way or we fear what the justice system will do to our abusive relative.  We must stop giving thieves a pass.

Why are we remaining silent so often?

Whether or not the criminal justice system can prove the crime is not your problem.  It is your problem to know about the abuse and to do nothing.  One day it could be you who is victimized.

At NICRO we urge you to do your part to report abuse and to do something about it! If you or a loved one is ever in need, do not hesitate to contact NICRO right away!

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