Tuesday, 31 May 2016

What causes a child to be violent at school?

School violence is a terrible issue for schools these days. Children are getting violent and disturbing other children who are coming to schools, as well as the teachers and staff. Children are bringing weapons like knives and guns to school and are harming students, teachers and other people. But what is the reason behind such things?

  • Atmosphere at home - if the children are living in an unpleasant environment then they tend to turn to violence. If they see that their parents are fighting and beating each other then they will learn to do the same.

  • Weapons - In this day and age, weapons are easier to get a hold of than you think. They may buy these weapons through such means and use them in school.
  • Bullying - A child can be bullied to such a point where they have to turn to violence as the only means to stop it. This is where help from a loved one or a non-profit organisation, such as NICRO, can help a lot.
  • Media effect - TV and games show a variety of violent acts. A child may watch these things and decide to practice them in real life.
  • Group effect - Children tend to become violent if they are the part of the group in which all members are violent. If their friends are violent and showing violence in school then they will learn the same thing and they will also express violence in school.
  • Lack of counseling - If a child is not given proper counseling and proper love and affection then the chances of becoming violent are more.
  • No guidance in difficulties - If no guidance has been provided by either a family member or a teacher at school, the difficulties they are dealing with may then lead them to become violent. They are unable to solve problems on their own and this can lead to unnecessary violence. 

There are people who can help, like NICRO, who offer a variety of different programmes and services to those in need. Do your part, contact NICRO, it is the matter of child’s future and you should choose the best for children.

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