Thursday, 15 December 2016

What is Early Childhood Trauma?

Bad stuff happens in life. It could be something that cannot be controlled like a natural disaster or the death of a loved one, or it could be intentional actions, like physical and emotional abuse.

Events such as a car accident or drug abuse in a parent can be extremely traumatic for a child.

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No matter how hard some children try to cope with these traumatic situations, sometimes they cant get passed them. An experience may play over and over again in their minds and leave them feeling fear and loss of control over their lives.

For some children, these feelings can affect their development physically, emotionally and socially – this is childhood trauma.

If these children who are affected by trauma are left unattended, it can have long-term negative effects on their lives. Luckily you can help, contact NICRO if you know of someone suffering from childhood trauma and get them what they need to recover.

Take a look at these common causes of childhood trauma...

-- Accidents
-- Bullying
-- Death of a loved one
-- Sexual abuse
-- Physical abuse
-- Emotional abuse
-- Neglect
-- Separation from a loved one
-- Stress
-- Poverty
-- Serious medical conditions
-- Violence
-- War/terrorism
-- Domestic violence at home
-- Parents with issues

When can you turn to get help? Click HERE!

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