Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Making of a Criminal: Part 2

We are delighted to invite you to participate in our exciting events we are hosting at the Artscape Theatre from 28 to 30 September.

‘The Making of a Criminal: Part 2' is a compelling live performance, created and performed by inmates from Pollsmoor Correctional Centre and participants from the NICRO Help I am Free cultural development outreach program. The performance reveals a glimpse of the hidden artistic, musical, and poetic talent found in the prisons of the Western Cape through the efforts of NICRO's Help I Am Free rehabilitative theatre project, in collaboration with Vardeteateret, supported by FK Norway.

Artscape Theatre Centre, Arena stage
28. September @ 6pm (premiére)
29. September @ 2pm & 6pm
30. September @ 2pm & 6pm
RSVP here for The Making of a Criminal: Part 2

28 September @ 3pm: Isibaya Room, Artscape

Participate in a series of short discussions on the society that creates criminals and gangs. Keynote speakers Alex Sutherland, Don Pinnock and Chiedza Chinhanu will also explore the impact of theatre work in prisons.

Facilitator: Associate Professor Veronica Baxter, Drama Department, University of Cape Town.
RSVP here for symposium.

NICRO Annual General Meeting
29 September @ 4h30pm: Isibaya Room, Artscape.
RSVP here for AGM.

28-30 September
Exhibitions by organisations supporting inmate rehabilitation, small businesses established by former offenders and other creative enterprises.

The outreach program is financed through Help I am Free and NICRO's crowdfunding campaign. Give a voluntary contribution here.

Read the press release here

Thank you to all our sponsors and partners for making this event and programme possible.

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